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Desperately Trying to Unlearn

Without a doubt, I am not a parenting expert. At my finest, I’m like many of you – desperately trying to both learn and unlearn what I believe good parenting is all about. In my almost 18 years of parenting, there’s only one skill I believe I’ve sufficiently developed: resilience – waking up every day to try to do it better than yesterday (maybe it’s the engineer in me that wants to see a process improve or at least move the needle in the right direction). In the world of parenthood, it’s my one redeemable skill – doing my best to recover from the proverbial spills I’ve caused in my children’s lives.

So I created – an online community that gets right to the point on basic issues when it comes to parenting (at least from my point of view). Some will agree with its mission, others will not – such is the world of raising children (there seems to be few “absolutes” on exactly how to do it right, even for those of us who would like to do it the best that we can). I hope to bring forward to you pieces of wisdom and knowledge that take the edge off parenting. There are as many blogs on parenting as there are stars in the sky; my focus isn’t on the masses of information, but on the fringe basics – those simple things that wait around the corner and startle you because you wouldn’t think to ask, and no one may think to tell you.

People will tell you this parenting journey never ends, and I could speculate the same but you’ll discover whether or not that’s true for yourself (as will I). My hope is that through this blog I can bring some points of clarity to your journey and in the process give you and those little human beings in your care something that makes the journey a little easier. Welcome to my blog, my thoughts . . . and lessons from my children.

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